About PT. Industrial Estate of Makassar (Persero)

PT. Industrial Estate of Makassar (Persero) or PT. KIMA (Persero) is a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) that was founded on March 31, 1988. PT. KIMA (Persero) specializes in the provision of infrastructure and facilities, executing the constructions, as well as enterprising and developing industrial zones.

PT. KIMA (Persero) is committed to producing high-quality goods and/or highly competitive services by applying the principle of a limited liability company.

"To be the best company in the management of industrial zones in eastern Indonesia."
  1. Providing the best service for investor satisfaction.

  2. Providing good quality products according to investors’ needs.

  3. Providing the best quality industrial facilities.

  4. Managing industrial zones from an environmental perspective.

  5. Increasing human resources potential to achieve optimal performance.

  6. Providing optimal benefits fo stakeholders.

Why Us?


Strategic location

Located in the Trans Sulawesi Highway, which is only 5km from the airport and 12km from the port.


The only industrial area in Sulawesi that has a liquid waste treatment process.

Our Awards & Achievements

2019 Best BUMN in the Non-Financial Sector Sector, Industrial & Housing Sector

Organized by Investor Magazine.

Blue Rating for the Companies’ Performance in Environmental Management Rating Program

Organized by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia.

“Very Good” Predicate for Financial Performance in 2017

Organized by Infobank.

2013 Best BUMN For the Non-Financial Sector, The Industrial and Housing Sector Category

Organized by Investor Magazine.

CSR – PKBL Awards

Organized by the Mayor of Makassar.

“Very Good” Predicate for the Non-Financial Sector Category

Organized by Infobank.

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